Institutes – ACCA tells members of VP’s disciplinary

Accounting academic Prem Sikka claimed a victory this week, after ACCA agreed to tell members directly about disciplinary action taken against a former vice-president who was abusive to him, writes Douglas Broom.

Last year, a disciplinary tribunal admonished Jim Waits and ordered him to pay #3,100 costs for his outburst at an egm in November 1996. Sikka complained that ACCA’s journal, Certified Accountant, carried no mention of the decision.

MP Austin Mitchell took up his case with trade minister Ian McCartney, who said last week that following his intervention, ACCA’s council had decided to refer to the disciplinary decision in its agm papers, which were sent to members this week.

An ACCA spokesman denied the body had bowed to ministerial pressures. ‘We would have done this as a matter of course because that is what we are obliged to do under our rules. We were pleased to be able to keep the DTI up to date with what we are doing,’ he said.

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