Taking Stock – Liz, the perfect PA, isn’t the perfect PA after all.

A swift perusal of a press release that landed on TS’ desk had us chuckling maliciously for days at the chance to expose the weakness of finance industry employers for beauties and a chance to publish a pic of the much sought after Estee Lauder model Liz Hurley.

Alas, on closer investigation we realised much to our dismay that the release’s headline ‘Finance bosses vote Liz Hurley as the perfect PA’ severely contradicted the survey results.

The release went on …

‘Employers in the finance industry have voted Liz Hurley as the perfect PA in a new report from Pitman Training. The star’s model good looks helped her to beat overall favourite Carol Vorderman.’

On turning to the results, TS was amazed to find that not only was Hurley not voted the perfect PA, but she got the lowest score with only six per cent. Vorderman is in fact the nation’s most popular choice as the perfect PA with 29% of the overall vote.

Even Richard Branson beat Hurley bagging 15% of the votes. Of course your worry with Branson is that he would start as a PA and within six months he’d own the company. Vorderman’s mighty intellect would also present a threat to a manager’s position while we think Hurley would offer no serious challenge at all. In short, the perfect PA.

Of course the finance industry is male-dominated. Our readers may have to excuse us for our lack of political correctness this week. We are feeling a tad rebellious in this the 21st century.

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