Efficiency tops finance IT agenda not cost

Improving efficiency is the top priority of the finance IT departments rather
than cost savings, according to recent findings by business communications
company Colt.

Respondents to the survey rated how important they felt the different
agendas facing the financial IT were, with 100% citing improving the efficiency
of financial IT as the biggest factor to focus on in 2009.

Cost cutting, security and regulatory compliance made a big impression with
83% voting it as a priority in the coming year. Over 80% of respondents voted
that green technology was of importance this year.

Terry Quigley, head of Colt’s financial services team said: ‘Three quarters
of the respondents said they are confident that ICT (information and
communication technology) can have a medium or significant impact in helping
their organisation weather the recession.’

Two thirds of respondents expect their IT budgets to remain the same in 2009
and 2010.

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