More than 90% sign up to ACCA programmes

Stephen Heathcote, director of training and development at ACCA, disclosed
the figure in this week’s Accountancy Age Insider Business Club.

ACCA and the ICAEW have been running their CPD schemes for more than a year,
and the figures are thought to be the first to indicate the level of
professional involvement.

‘The first obligation was actually to submit a return to say that people have
met the requirements, they feel they’re confident, up to date and effective. The
return rates are exceptionally high,’ Heathcote said.

Despite that confidence, a straw poll during the discussion suggested that
71% of professionals believe CPD has not improved their effectiveness in their
current job. Additionally, 39% said it has improved their employability and 80%
have not discussed their CPD obligations.

There has been some controversy in the profession over the new courses. ‘I
think we’re having some issues and it’s more about communication and
misunderstanding,’ Heathcote said.

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