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– UK e-Christmas shoppers will spend #1.75bn online during the three-month Christmas shopping period running to the January sales, according to forecasts based on the IMRG Index. The estimate follows suggestions by Forrester Research, which estimates calendar year e-sales will be #3,938m for 2001. E-sales stormed ahead again in October, with internet shoppers spending 18.3% more online than they did in September. Meanwhile there was a 0.1% decline in annual bricks and mortar retail, the first monthly fall since April 2000, according to the Office for National Statistics.

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– Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has the largest share of the human resources software market in the UK new licence revenues for 2000, according to analyst Gartner. With a new licence revenue market share in 2000 of 19.9%, the Oracle human resources management system is now the UK’s most popular suite of software applications for personnel management.

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– E-business security specialist Unit 4 Agresso has set up a new division in the UK to offer organisations an IT security service from risk assessment, delivery of hardware and software through to training and support. The value-added services provider has been launched by sister company Agresso with the belief that relying on individual security measures implemented in a piecemeal way can leave companies with as much risk as having no security at all.

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