Football faces up to European super league

UK must face up to a Europe super league Football in the UK is likely to change radically in the next five years, as Europe moves towards a super league, according to a survey commissioned by KPMG?s European Football Unit.

Over two-thirds of club executives, investment analysts and other experts questioned by MORI expected a two-division pan-European structure to emerge within five years, with access determined by success in the team?s national league.

The survey consensus envisaged national leagues of no more than 16 teams feeding into a European super league of roughly the same size.

The financial rewards of participating in the super league would become more important to teams than domestic competitions, 57% of respondents believe.

?The super league will downgrade national leagues,? said Martin Ashcroft, manager of the European Football Unit. ?It will accelerate the process we are already seeing of big clubs getting bigger and small clubs get smaller.?

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