Mowlam visits Portugal in battle against EU bureaucracy

A government statement described the meeting as part of its drive to simplify European regulation.

Mowlam is government co-ordinator and chair of the government’s Regulatory Reform Panel

Portugal takes over the EU Presidency on January 1 2000.

Simplifying European regulation to avoid unnecessary costs to businesses and individuals will be at the top of the agenda in Mo Mowlam’s discussions, the statement said.

Mowlam added: ‘Europe matters to Britain. Our policy of constructive engagement has won us allies abroad and benefited both Britain and Europe. ‘In particular it has put economic reform and employment top of the European agenda, helped make reform of European institutions a common priority – making them more accountable and cutting down waste. It has shaped the debate on tackling cross border crime and drugs trafficking and ended the beef ban. ‘Regulatory reform is another crucial part of the agenda for jobs, and for ensuring there is a level playing field for competition across Europe. ‘It is only by staying engaged that we can put the case for reform, ensure that Britain’s interests are protected and help shape Europe’s future.’


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