TaxAdministrationDoctors’ tax amnesty ‘unfair’

Doctors' tax amnesty 'unfair'

Tax experts argue the amnesty should be available to all tax payers

Calls have been made for the taxman to make its tax amnesty for doctors
available to all tax payers or risk running an unfair policy.

The call comes from tax experts at PKF who criticised the doctors’ amnesty.
They say it amounts to inconsistency because previous amnesties applied to all
offshore account holders while this new move, know as the Tax Health Plan,
applies only to onshore income for doctors.

John Cassidy, Tax Investigations Partner at PKF, said: “Of course it is good
to encourage individuals to disclose their tax irregularities, but this approach
is inconsistent. Individuals could not use the NDO to disclose solely UK income,
they had to have overseas income or gains. The new amnesty, called the Tax
Health Plan (THP), gives medics the chance to disclose UK income from any source
– not just consulting fees and expenses. HMRC should encourage everyone with
irregularities to come forward and make amends by making similar terms available
to all taxpayers.”

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