Business books – Win a £25 Amazon voucher

1. Accidental Empires

Robert Cringely. £8.99

The contradictions and everyday insanity of computer industry empire building are chronicled in this brief history.


Patricia Seybold. £20

So, what makes e-commerce work successfully? This book features case studies galore from Hertz, PhotoDisc and Wells Fargo.

3. Boo Hoo

Ernst Malmsten. £17.99

The gory story of in all its glory. From golden threads to sackcloth.

4. The Internet Galaxy

Manuel Castells. £14.99

The A-Z guide to the Internet and a good selection of links. A thorough guide to online business.

5. The Social Life of Information

John Seely Brown. £18.99

An attempt to moderate the high-tech medium with a human message. Time to to put the technological brakes on?

6. Information Rules

Carl Shapiro. £22.99

The book that shows you how to apply classic economic principles to the brave new information age.

7. The Cluetrain Manifesto Christopher Locke. £18.00

The real power of the web exposed.


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