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Despite the burst of the dotcom bubble, three out of five online SMEs predict the internet will have a big impact on their businesses in the next 12 months, according to new research from Clearlybusiness. Marketing agencies, estate agents and professional services firms have the highest level of internet access, with 88% already online. Clearlybusiness director Markus Clavin said: ‘Small business service providers are leading the internet revolution. They are using it as an effective communications medium, a way to get new business and take the cost out of their operations.’

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Biased advice and limited understanding of technology is leading many SMEs to scrap existing telecom infrastructures in a mistaken belief that new working practices and cost savings can only be realised by using the latest technologies, Siemens Communications has warned. Group product marketing manager Paul Fileman said: ‘Companies are being persuaded to replace existing systems with latest model when, in fact, the solution they had would have fulfiled their requirements.’

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The London Stock Exchange has held roadshows in major European financial capitals to demystify the flotation process for SMEs going public on UK capital markets. Foreign companies have been able to float on the LSE’s Alternative Investment Market for some time but until now they were obliged to employ a UK-based nominated adviser. By removing this obstacle from SMEs, and promoting AIM, the LSE said it is making flotation possible for a new breed of European company.

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E-mail usage has grown by some 74% in the last year, according to an International survey by communications consultants Rogen. Two of five emails received were irrelevant to an executives’ work and are costing some businesses up to #3.5m a year. Rogen UK managing director David Kennedy said: ‘Organisations are out of communication control, and executives suffering stress under the burden of increasing email’. Rogen believes almost half an email user’s time is spent dealing with junk email. To find more about this survey You can send business finance news to Lois Fettis at:

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