Tories may increase taxes

The leader of the Tory party has confirmed that he would not rule out tax
increases if the Conservatives won the next general election.

Cameron said earlier this week that tax increases would be needed to help the
Treasury’s finances, the

His comments are set to infuriate Conservative supporters who feel that the
party should pursue a tax cutting agenda.

Cameron said: ‘Government always has to do what is right to safeguard the
public finances. The tragic thing now is that at this point in the economic
cycle what the Government ought to be doing is cutting taxes and giving a fiscal
stimulus to the economy.’

The Tory leader also commented on plans to implement US-style corporate
insolvency procedures, cutting stamp duty, scrapping the rise of road tax on
older cars and instead implementing a ‘fair fuel stabiliser’ – which increases
the duty of petrol when prices go down and reduces duty when petrol goes up.

One shadow cabinet member said: ‘People have to be aware that we might have
to increase taxes, it’s a real possibility as the public finances are in a
terrible state. Even if the economy is recovering, the public finances will lag
two years behind. It should be remembered that Margaret Thatcher had to put up
taxes very sharply in the early 1980s after she inherited an equally dreadful
economic situation.’

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