Enfield accountant mugged and dragged for 20 metres

A chartered accountant was mugged along Essex Road, Islington during the
lunch hour on Thursday 20 February before he was dragged for 20 metres.

The Enfield-based accountant was walking along the high street at 12:50pm
when the attack took place,
Islington Gazette reported.

A motorcyclist rode up to the accountant and the pillion passenger grabbed
the laptop bag off the victims shoulder. The victim then wouldn’t let go and had
to run alongside the motorcycle subsequently falling over and being dragged for
a few seconds.

The victim eventually let go and was taken to Whittington Hospital in Archway
where he was treated for a dislocated shoulder. He has since been discharged.

Detective Sergeant Rob Ryan, who is investigating the incident, said: ‘The
victim was a member of the public walking along a busy street in broad daylight.
There must be witnesses.’

The muggers were both men and wearing black crash helmets riding what was
thought to be a silver scrambling trail bike.

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