Taking Stock – Are they just fun lovin’ criminals?

Criminals are savvy types and often it is the well respected, upright citizen who is lured into the underworld of corruption, intrigue and deceit.

But, can it be that behind the scenes of the world’s biggest frauds are lawyers, accountants and bankers? A slur on their good reputation came from the most unexpected of business quarters last week at the fifth international financial fraud convention. There was no mincing of words here. No innuendoes or spin doctors at work. ‘All scams involve a lawyer, banker and accountant in some form or another,’ said a leading US financial advisor. The conference’s intention was to examine anti-fraud policies in place but TS believes they may only have succeeded in alienating the very people used to combat and investigate such unsavoury activities. Members of the public might be wondering whether to hand their books over to accountants at all.

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