Accountant found guilty on 12 charges

A Slough accountant, who also served
as a local magistrate, has been found guilty on seven counts of deception, one
charge of false accounting and one of perverting the course of justice.

A Winchester Crown Court found
Kumar Sharma
, 46, of Langley Road, Slough, guilty of these charges,
although he was found not guilty of three further counts of deception.

The charges relates to work carried out by Sharma, as an accountant (who ran
his own company, Sharman Associates Ltd), from 1996 and 2003, and in relation to
his role at three small businesses.

The court heard how Sharma deceived the owners of Vanity lingerie Company
Ltd, trading Luton; New technology training Ltd, which no longer trades; and
Countech Computer, trading in Slough but telling them they owed payments to HM
Customs and Excise or the inland Revenue.

Sharma was arrested in July 2003 on suspicion of theft, false accounting and

Sharma has been remanded in custody to await sentencing in March

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