Brown under fire over 10p starting tax change

The influencial
Treasury Committee
has slammed the scrapping of the 10p starting tax rate as
‘unreasonable’ warning low paid workers without families will be the hardest

But business secretary John Hutton has ruled out a re-think of the tax
change, which Gordon Brown announced last year in his final budget as chancellor
but did not come into force before Sunday, according to the
Press Association

‘I really don’t think it is possible to do that. We have made the decisions
now on the budget. This package of measures was voted on and debated last year,’
Brown told BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show.

However, David Cameron, conservative leader told Sky News’s Sunday Live: ‘I
think every Labour MP should be thinking how can we help, with the
Conservatives, and try to stop these tax increases going through at a time when
people are finding it very tough’.

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