NAO offers advice on public sector efficiency

The National Audit Office has urged better collaboration between different
public sector organisations as well as for more accurate and timely information
to be made available to managers when making decisions, in its report on
projected savings the government expects to make under the Gershon Review.

It offers this advice after urging caution over claims that the review, meant
to increase efficiency in the public sector and the government, could save
£21.5bn by 2008.

‘I am pleased that some good progress is clearly being made,’ said Sir John
Bourn, head of the NAO. ‘However the time is now right for government to move on
from isolated, one-off efficiency initiatives, covering selected activities,
towards a much more all-embracing approach to achieving efficiency.’

In its report the NAO said limitations in measurement methodologies meant
that reported gains of £4.7bn pounds to date should not be regarded as final.

Gordon Brown will present the Budget on 22 March.

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