College distances itself from founder

The Jeff Wooller College is set to change its name after the adverse
publicity received by its founder and namesake over his chancellorship of the
Irish International University.

The college, which has no links with its previous founder and ICAEW member
Jeff Wooller, will rebrand after a BBC investigation which he admitted the
University’s method of operating was ‘dodgy’.

The college’s chief executive, Felix Orogun, said the publicity around
Wooller was an issue of concern, even though he was not involved with the

The college has also flagged up on its own website that ‘it is not in any way
connected’ to either Wooller or the university. It provides accredited courses
towards a number of qualifications, including ACCA and CIMA certificates.

‘We will rebrand over the next couple of months,’ said Orogun.

Wooller said he had ‘no problem’ with the college changing its name and had
recommended it did so when he sold the business in the 1990s.

The long-time critic of the ICAEW has been facing questions over his
involvement in the university, which a BBC investigation alleged was offering
worthless degrees.

Wooller has admitted the university is ‘dodgy’, but argued he had been
responsible for warning it of its governance failings.

The university claimed it had a Dublin campus, which the BBC alleged does not
exist, and that its qualifications were accredited by the Quality Assurance
Commission, which is owned by the IIU’s boss.

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