Sentencing date for Gangar and White

The two accountants found guilty of perpetrating a $200m
fraud are due to be sentenced on 11 April.

Partners Shinder Gangar, 46, and Alan White, 49, have remained in custody
since a jury pronounced them guilty two weeks ago in the Birmingham Crown Court.

The pair stood trial following an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office
which gathered enough evidence to prosecute them for duping investors into
believing that celebrities – such as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir David
Frost – had invested in the scheme, when neither had.

The pair were also found guilty of trying to bribe the US Attorney General to
release funds which had been frozen following an investigation into their US

Gangar, a former member of the ICAEW, whose membership lapsed in 2003 due to
bankruptcy, was described as the ‘frontman’ of the operation.

White, a former member of ACCA, was the ‘administrator’ who would give
investing clients the ‘co-ordinates’ of where they should direct their cash.

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