Taking Stock – It always comes in threes.

When trouble comes it usually comes in threes, as Rob MacKean, chief financial officer at medical imaging company Voxar, can testify. In the space of a few weeks this senior accountant has tripled his work load. Firstly MacKean is in the middle of a #5m deal for extra funding to fuel expansion. This takes up all his days and should be clinched within a fortnight. At the same time he has just had his first baby. If the investment deal isn’t giving him sleepless nights, newly born Anna Roberta will. But to add to the insomnia is MacKean’s theatre company Arkle which is staging Romeo and Juliet at the St Paul’s and St George’s Church during the Edinburgh festival. By day he swings multimillion pound deals, during the evening he is up and coming theatre producer, by night he is dutiful father. Now there’s a workload. Good luck.

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