Taking Stock – Sixty years in practice – and counting.

Being in practice for more than 60 years is somewhat of a rarity these days. So when TS heard about 83-year-old Sidney White, it seemed appropriate to mark the occasion. One of three partners in a London-based firm, White qualified on 3 February 1938. The advent of the Second World War forced two of the three to go off to fight. ‘We formed a partnership in the early part of the war. One partner and I went off to the war leaving the other partner in charge,’ he explains. While White left with Reuben Kandler, his other partner Francis Gollop stayed behind to run the practice. Kandler was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and spent three-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war. White was stationed in the UK and became an army officer before being sent overseas to West Africa where he served in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. On arriving back in Blighty, the pair undertook revision courses to bring them back up to speed with practice. Despite retiring more than 20 years ago, White has retained a number of the widows of former clients – some of whom he has represented since starting out.

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