Taking Stock – Warm weather goes to MP’s head.

Who would have thought climate would have a bearing on fraud, corruption and all manner of money wasting at the European Commission. Anthony Steen MP, however, is convinced. Quizzing Neil Kinnock, the European Commissioner for reform, about how he intends to eradicate wrongdoings with Euro cash, Steen, a man possessed, pushed home his point that people in southern and ‘warmer’ European states had some difficulty enforcing European financial regulation. But just as Kinnock thought it was safe to deal with the finer details of financial audit during his appearance at a Commons select committee, up piped the Totnes MP again to ram home the point that people in hot European countries are about as efficient as a pogo stick in a swamp when it comes to following rules. God forbid global warming having too much affect on the UK. Steen might have to move to Scandinavia to live where people obey rules.

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