Protesters to descend on Deloitte

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The group has told supporters that it aims to target Deloitte, which acts as auditor and provider of financial services to HLS.

Activists plan a campaign that will include phone calls and emails of protest to key figures within the firm such as Connolly, Nigel Mercer – head of the UK life sciences group – and the managing partners in assurance, tax and consulting among others. It will also be organising demonstrations at Deloitte offices across the world.

Greg Avery, spokesman for SHAC, said: ‘We have long been interested in Deloitte & Touche because of its connection with HLS, but now seemed the right time to go after them as we are also starting to target HLS customers. Its up to them, they can pull away (from HLS) or not.’

Avery warned Deloitte that the campaign would be sustained and that SHAC had attained massive success against the company’s creditors.

‘Just about every major financial institution has moved away from HLS, that’s why the government had to step in, and it has been forced off the UK stock exchange,’ added Avery. ‘If we can get Deloitte to move away and HLS can’t find another auditor then they have a big problem.’

SHAC has organised a series of protests against Deloitte starting next week, and is calling on its supporters to join these demonstrations. They will start at Deloitte’s head office on the Strand in London on Monday 24 February before moving onto locations in the north of England, the Midlands, the south east, Scotland and Wales.

Deloitte & Touche has refused to comment on the issue other than to confirm that it has Huntingdon Life Sciences as a client.

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