Investors must ‘push for green reporting’

Investors have been urged by the government’s climate change minister to
‘send strong signals to the market over the importance of a company’s
environmental record in making investment decisions’.

Joan Ruddock, speaking at a Carbon Disclosure Project launch in London, said
investors could and should play a major role in ‘turning companies green’.

Ruddock, a veteran anti-nuclear and environment campaigner, made it clear she
was relying upon exhortation and an appeal to self-interest, rather than further
amendments to the Companies Act, to strengthen the environmental reporting
aspects of annual reports.

She said: ‘It is imperative for government and businesses to work closely
together to question our practices, challenge them and, more importantly, make
business choices that reflect the importance of a low carbon economy.

The not-for-profit Carbon Disclosure Project encourages transparency and
accountability in business by calling for leading companies to disclose
information on how they measure, report and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

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