Revenue’s September deadline looms

This is the deadline for those who want the Revenue to calculate their tax bill. But as this falls on a Saturday this year, advisers are warning that taxpayers should ensure that their return is in the hands of the Revenue by 29 September. While the Revenue might relent and allow forms arriving in the first post on the following Monday, there has yet to be official confirmation.

Sharon Linnard, a tax partner with KPMG said: ‘We are beginning to hear people claiming that taxpayers would be best advised to do their own calculations because of Revenue errors. I think that it is bad advice.’

Linnard said individuals should check the Revenue’s figures as a matter of course, but that there are many advantages of getting the return in by the end of the month, including having the tax bill collected through the PAYE system.

Take up of the Internet filing service is so far unclear, though advisers have said that at this stage the traditional post might be a safer option.

Richard Mannion, president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation said: ‘If you persevere, the web service can work though the system is still too complicated.’

Mannion believed that taxpayers might not feel secure and confident in the service. ‘There are bound to be glitches in the first year,’ he added.

Another deadline looming is 5 October, for taxpayers who are required to complete a return but have not received a form.

Any taxpayer who has received income that the Revenue is unaware of should request a form, warned experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

‘People should not assume that just because the Revenue has not sent them a tax return that they do not have to fill one in,’ said PwC’s John Whiting.He also pointed out that penalties for failing to notify the Revenue can be the same as an individual’s tax bill for the whole year.

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