ACCA: Merger plans still on table.

ACCA President Dr Moyra Kedslie revealed this week that proposals to merge with rival institutes were still alive – despite the failure of moves to merge with CIMA and CIPFA in 1998. Kedslie told Accountancy Age the core of the plan had not been forgotten, and was likely to become more relevant as the profession continue to move towards a global qualification. ‘We have moved on since the merger proposals. But the plans are still there and on the table. If any other institute wants to take up the proposal they can. ‘If there is to be rationalisation in the UK, it would be carried out along the lines of the model we have put forward,’ Kedslie said. She added: ‘Employees will eventually want a benchmark qualification around the world. The future is global and national barriers will disappear fast from accountants’ exams.’ The merger proposals, which included creating a new brand for the merged organisation, were rejected by CIMA and CIPFA Council members, despite a large number of members from the three institutes, voting in favour of the move. ACCA president’s profile, p 11

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