Mediator appointed to Microsoft battle

An arbitration specialist, Eric Green, a Boston University professor, was appointed by the judge in the case. He has until 2 November to come up with a solution.

If Green can’t get the two sides to come together, district judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said she would hold hearings starting 11 March on the penalties.

Microsoft has been found guilty of illegally using its Windows monopoly to violate antitrust laws, and the company has failed in several attempts to get that decision reversed or reviewed.

In her order the judge said she ‘is satisfied, at this point, that the parties have been diligent in their efforts to reach a settlement’.

The judge’s order said the two sides had jointly proposed Green, although sources said earlier on Friday that neither Microsoft nor the Department of Justice wanted a mediator.

Green is the second mediator to try and craft a settlement. Last year federal appellate judge Richard Posner failed after more than four months of talks.


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