Taking Stock – Playing the numbers game.

Proud accountants could be forgiven for embracing the launch of the new style of motor number plates in September 2001 with glee. The possibilities for creating industry-related plates are now endless. Perhaps they could take the lead of New York CPA Beatrix McKean who has recently become the first to get a customised CPA plate. Her ‘102CPA’ number plate has come as a result of efforts to promote the profession to the US public. TS reckons a UK initiative involving the institutes and the DVLA could bring some equally interesting results. The new style plate will consist of two letters followed by two numbers and three more letters. Potential plates could therefore include an enthusiastic employee at our leading firm carrying the plate CA 01 PWC. Whereas those accountants worried about the growing influence of a certain US regulator could have NO 02 SEC. An institute member worried by the number of graduates training north of the border could have GO 04 ICA. Meanwhile, accountants wanting to tell the world about the increasing powers of the Revenue could have IR 02 BIG. ?:

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