English ICA unveils annual review

A statement from the institute said: ‘Upholding the value of the ACA, championing professional standards, ensuring accountability and member focus, speaking up on business issues – these are the main themes featured in our annual review.’

It added: ‘Key drivers over the coming year will include an increasing emphasis on the use of online member communications, the introduction of new means of identifying and responding to the broad range of interests of chartered accountants in business and practice, a continuing emphasis on work in the community and the maintenance of good governance in the face of regulatory change.’

Institute president Dame Sheila Masters said: ‘Modernising our institute is essential if we are to remain accountable to the needs of our members. This process is as much about building on our core values as is about innovating and moving with the times.

‘For example, the launch this year of the new ACA demonstrates our ability to move forward positively and decisively. We listened to what the market had to say and radically redesigned the approach and content of our qualification, without compromising the best its traditional components. These measures will go a long way to ensuring the reputation of the ACA as the leading professional qualification.’

The English ICA is the largest professional accountancy body in Europe, with over 116,000 members. Some 3,000 new members qualify each year.

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