Accountants are number one daydreamers

The survey also revealed that 50% of white-collar workers are confirmed optimists who believe daydreams really can come true.

Accountants were among white-collar workers questioned for the survey. Also included were lawyers, bankers and civil servants.

Employers will also be surprised to discover that 20% of all daydreaming takes place at work with 60% of respondents believing daydreaming eases the pressures of modern life by helping them through the day.

Work-related stress psychologist Elaine Douglas – who is researching ways for companies to help employees manage stress at work – said: ‘When we are at work we cannot physically remove ourselves from our environment, but we can take our mind somewhere else. A few quiet moments visualising a peaceful scene, for example a walk on a beach, can produce a feeling of calm and well being. When we resume our work we feel refreshed, in control and more productive.’

The findings emerged from the most detailed survey ever commissioned into daydreaming. Camelot Group commissioned the research from Gallup to mark the start of a new TV advertising campaign focused on dreaming.

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