UK most popular destination for Aussie accountants

A new survey by the
of Chartered Accountants in Australia
shows 43% of young accountants intend
to travel overseas in the next two years, most of who will be heading for the

The independent national survey polled 680 accountants of predominantly in
the 21 to 30 age group. All the respondents were taken from 12,400 who are
presently studying the chartered accountants program, the post-graduate diploma
Australians take to become chartered accountants.

Of those surveyed, 66% said they planned to travel to the
UK, proving to be the most
popular destination, followed by Asia and the US.

‘It is well documented that China is presently looking for 100,000 chartered
accountants and with the Olympics next year, Asia has overtaken America in its
appeal to young accountants,’ said Sheena Frenkel, general manager, chartered
accountants program and admissions, Institute of Chartered Accountants in

‘However, the lure of Europe and the international experience the UK can
provide continues to be the strongest influencer when young accountants are
considering an overseas stint.’

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