InTrade developer safety claim

A new specialist supplier is promising to deliver electronic commerce and ‘virtual procurement’ systems with the help of top consultancies such as Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

US developer Infobank International is aiming high, and has also recruited Hewlett-Packard to manage the deployment of its ‘operational resource management’ platform InTrade across Europe.

InTrade is driven by Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system software and links through the Internet to corporate suppliers and purchasers. The supplier claimed online supply chain management could halve the costs of procurement.

Infobank managing director Graham Sadd said e-commerce had obvious cost advantages, but security and audit trails were pivotal issues for accountants. But he stressed InTrade left as good an audit trail as a paper system and security obstacles were embedded at each stage of the procurement process.

Links with chip manufacturer Intel meant Infobank was optimised for the new Xeon processor, Sadd said.

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