Top 50 firms are embracing e-commerce but forgetting the Euro, says survey

According to the software house, 67% of firms quoted e-commerce as the key issue they were addressing whilst only 15% referred to Year 2000 compliance.

Amazingly not one of them was giving anythought to euro compliance.

Senior Market Researcher Simon Woods who led the survey team said,’E-commerce was overwhelmingly the main concern. The majority said Year 2000compliance was a non-event now. The Euro didn’t even figure in the survey.

‘If accountants are saying it is vitally important for companies of all sizesto trade electronically then it must be THE burning issue for the nextmillennium. This survey confirms the market trends that are driving ourvision and development as an e-commerce and financial management softwarehouse. We are pleased to be in there leading from the front.’

Buckle ups KPMG Consulting’s e-commerce edge with promotion and restructuring

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