Hewitt defends department

Link: Lib Dems would scrap DTI

She claimed that opposition plans would mean scrapping support for business and jobs and science and innovation.

‘We are the only political party that believes in a strong voice for business, making the case for trade and industry across government,’ said Hewitt.

She also claimed that support for the chemicals and aerospace industries in particular should be classed as an investment because it brings in nine times as much from the private sector than was invested.

She went on to defend her department’s work on the European Directive on Information and Consultation which creates partnership between unions and employers to deliver fairness for working people – criticising Tory claims that it is nothing more than red tape.

The Lib Dems claimed at its conference in Bournemouth last week that abolishing the department and transferring the remaining company regulation to a Minister for Business at the Treasury would save £5bn over 5 years.

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