Festival renting high on taxman’s agenda

The taxman will be keeping a close eye on people renting their homes as the
festival season kicks off.

Paul Aplin, chairman of the
tax faculty said: ‘The taxman is prepared to chase even small amounts of tax
and will take evasion of tax on short-term letting income seriously,’
Business Online

The music festival season, coupled with sporting events such as Wimbledon and
the British Grand Prix weekend represents a cash cow for those renting out their
homes, but landlords were reminded not to forget their tax responsibilities.

‘Homeowners have a duty to inform HM Revenue and Customs of any tax
liability,’ said Aplin. ‘If you let out all or part of any property and receive
rent, this is treated for tax purposes as if you are running a rental business.

‘It doesn’t matter if you let just one small flat or many different
properties,’ added Aplin. ‘Rent, after expenses have been deducted, is regarded
as part of your total UK income as a taxpayer.’

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