Plumber tax ad ‘second most disliked’

An advert depicting
a plumber attempting to evade tax by hiding under the kitchen sink
emerged as one of the most disliked in the country according to complaints made
to the
Standards Authority

The advert, placed in the national press by HM Revenue & Customs,
received 271 complaints from readers who felt that the advertisement created the
impression that all self-employed workers were tax evaders.

rejected these claims, but the only advert more unpopular was one placed by the
Gay Police Association, which received 553 complaints for attempting to
highlight the religious motivation behind homophobic incidents.

In a statement HMRC said its advert was not targeted at those who paid their
tax responsibly.

‘This advertisement and the campaign are aimed squarely at the non-compliant
minority and we are not in any way suggesting that all or even most small
businesses fall into this category.

‘We are sorry if the intention behind the advertisement was misinterpreted in
any way,’ HMRC said.

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