Office of the Duke of York calls in PwC consultants

The office of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, who is UK’s special
representative for international trade and investment, has decided to call in
consultants from
(PwC) to gauge how effectively the office works and how to improve its

At this stage, the Duke is only saying his office is responding to the PwC
report by making some organisational changes, but it is uncertain whether the
results will be published because the office is financed directly by the Queen
rather than the civil list and she repays the state money allocated to the Duke,
The Times reports.

‘You won’t see a great deal of difference in terms of the swan’s neck. It is
the legs underneath and how they operate. You might have found that one leg was
working very, very hard and the other leg was just doing one pull. So we have
been trying to remake the body of the organisation, to make the legs work in
unison,’ the Duke said in a statement.

His supporters say that, far from being junkets, the Duke’s foreign visits
are an important part of developing relationships with other countries and
businesses to promote investment in Britain.

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