Law firm warns internet ‘spies’ could be at large in your business

Philippsohn Crawfords Berwald, which specialises in litigation, warned this week that confidential information from some businesses is being sold to competitors and even to individuals for their own business exploits.

The huge growth in online activity and the ease of electronic delivery, it said, has created a new type of thief who attacks information systems from all directions.

According to the law firm, companies are even placing employees in rival organisations in order to infiltrate their information systems, and supply them with a constant stream of confidential information.

Steven Phillippsohn, a partner at the firm, said: ‘We are in danger of following the US by being more concerned about the commericiality of e-business rather than security. Companies need to implement comprehensive security measures to stop the free flow of information through the internet being abused from internal and external sources.’

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