HMRC senior staff concerned over further job cuts

Senior HM Revenue & Customs staff have expressed concern over details of
further restructuring and job losses at HM Revenue & Customs.

HMRC has entered into
consultation over its continuing transformation since the two tax departments
merged in April 2005.

Unions fear that the plans involve cutting a further 12,500 jobs and selling
off a large number of buildings by 2011. HMRC is already in the process of
shedding 12,500 jobs by 2008.

The FDA, the union
representing a large proportion of senior HMRC staff, has voiced concerns over
the proposals, questioning whether the department will be able to maintain
delivery under such change.

‘The FDA will want assurances that the department is not rushing headlong
into change overload. Senior staff at HMRC are concerned that such pressure on
the fabric of the organisation will make it difficult to maintain delivery,’
said Paul Whiteman, FDA senior officer leading on HMRC.

‘We acknowledge that as the department reduces in size, meaningful savings
from the estate can be made. However, today’s announcements will leave all staff
worried for their futures and fearful of the demands likely to be put upon them.
We have sought assurances that the changes will be made without any redundancies
or the need to make unreasonable demands on our members and their colleagues.’

HMRC acting chairman Paul Gray said the plans would save taxpayers’ money,
and invited all staff to comment on the proposals.

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