Eight years sentence for accountant

A investigation by tax authorities has led to an accountant being jailed for
eight years after he was found to have engaged in a £2.5m buy-to-let fraud.

John Warman, a self-employed, but unqualified, accountant from Nottingham was
found to have understated profits from properties while over stating the
interest payments and collecting money for bogus repairs.

Peter Millroy, Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation with HMRC
described the scheme as a “calculated plot motivated by greed which deprived the
nation’s public services of millions”.

“Their activities ensured they were able to fund luxury lifestyles and
further increase their wealth at the expense of the taxpayer,” he said.

“We will not stop in our pursuit to bring those involved in this type of
criminal activity before the courts. We will now work to reclaim the proceeds of
their crime for the public purse and have restrained a number of their assets.”

On sentencing Warman, His Honour Judge Hamilton described Warman as “not a
very good accountant, but a very good fraudster”

“You used your clients to feather your own nest. People trusted you and you
breached that trust.”

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