HMRC accused of double standards

UHY Hacker Young have
used the Freedom of Information Act to discover details of
HM Revenue & Customs
expenses regime, which shows its 83,000 staff can run up expenses for items such
as meals, hotel accommodation and travel without submitting receipts.

HMRC staff are allowed to claim £100 for an overnight stay in London and £20
for an evening meal while working out of their office without handing in
receipts, The Daily Telegraph reports.

‘Accountants who frequently face challenges over expenses for as little as
£10 will find it ironic that HMRC runs such a liberal “no questions asked”
system for its own employees,’ Clive Gawthorpe, a UHY Hacker Young partner,

HMRC denied any double standards, saying staff had to keep receipts for all
claimed expenditure over £10. Staff only stayed in hotels when there was an
unavoidable business need and the cheapest option was always taken.

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