Glastonbury aversion therapy

TS is in a good mood today. Having missed out on its annual pilgrimage to
Glastonbury to shout abuse at hippies, we are instead taking comfort in the fact
that we are bathing in the London sunshine while festival goes are bathing in
mud and trying to catch their tents as they float away.

Taking Stock

Besides, who needs Glastonbury when you’ve got Wimbeldon to keep you
occupied. Now the plucky Brit losers Henman and Rusedski are out of the way, we
can enjoy the real action. Maybe, like everyone else, we could even have a game
or two. Perhaps we could play a set with Bank of England chief
, who we hear has had some very illustrious partners.

There’s also the other great summer sport of cricket to keep enjoy over the
next few days, with England in action against Bangladesh on Sunday. We’ll no
doubt be watching from on the TV, but if KPMG has a box at Headingley, like it
did at Lords for the
aid match
, there may still be room for TS.

Even better news! After a long deserved cyberbreak our cartoon chum Colin has
found a new home on the TS blog. From now on, you can read about his exploits
every week at our site. His first appearance is
, but do click on the small image to read the larger version, or you’ll end
up straining something.

Despite all these distractions, TS still has a desire to get in a weekend of
laughing at those different from us. Fortunately, we’ve just spotted a clan of
Hare Krishna’s coming along Broadwick Street, so must dash.

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