Tories vow to block SME tax hike

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, has promised small business that the
Conservatives would oppose the the tax hike for small businesses.

Osborne said he understood the anger of SMEs, who were incensed by the tax
rate increase from 19% to 22% in last week’s Budget delivered by Gordon Brown.

‘I think we should have a lower and simpler tax system for small firms,’
Osborne told the
Sunday Times

Overall, the Budget received a mixed reception from business according to a
survey of 70 chief executives by

Of the the respondents, only 9% thought Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the
economy had been poor, while four-fifths said the economy was in good shape.
Most, 71%, felt that they were paying more tax as a result of recent Budgets.

A separate poll conducted by YouGov for KPMG showed
that 47% of business leaders made Britain a better place to do business.

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