Hague ‘worse than Blair’

Hague only managed to pick up support from one in five finance directors questioned in this week’s survey, whereas a crushing 56% of those questioned said he would not make a better PM than Blair.

The results come in spite of a recent Big Question survey, taken only one month ago, which revealed that only one in five believe New Labour is doing a good job for their business.

A separate Mori poll last week also revealed that 40% of top executives thought the prime minister had no good qualities whatsoever.

Hague’s inability to turn Government unpopularity into political support will come as a severe warning as the Tory party conference gathered this week in Bournemouth.

Former chancellor Kenneth Clarke this Tuesday was due to warn Hague that he must adopt a more ‘grown up’ stance towards the European Union if he becomes prime minister.

Just 10% of FDs surveyed thought Hague was definitely a better choice as PM than Tony Blair, while a further 11% said they probably thought he would do a better job.

‘I wouldn’t even trust Hague to sell tile grout!’, said FD Kevin Fuller of Vector Data Systems.

A lack of charisma and credibility were pinpointed as major leadership problems; while others said the Yorkshireman Hague displayed neither substance or backbone.

One anonymous FD said: ‘Hague is a very intelligent individual, but I am not sure whether he has statesman like presence.’An FD in support of Hague said ambivalently: ‘He would not make a worse prime mMinister.’

A Tory party spokesman said: ‘Hague does not comment on polls.’

FDs verdict on Labour

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