Customs & Excise – Cutting red tape on exports.

New electronic systems and simplified bureaucratic procedures are among international trade measures that Customs and Primarolo believe will give UK business an extra competitive edge.

‘The aim is to position the UK at the forefront of modernisation within international trade. By simplifying procedures for the trade and keeping pace with the developments in electronic commerce,’ Primarolo said in a statement issued by Customs.

Electronic customs procedures for exporters of goods to non-EU countries are due from July next year, while a new computerised transit system for goods crossing the Common Transit European area to a third country will come into force in two years’ time.

Red tape busting measures are also underway by the Group of seven top industrialised nations, and a single European authorisation pilot has been set-up for companies importing non-European goods to multiple EU destinations.

Primarolo claimed that close work with the trade had thrown up innovative solutions that were tailored to the needs of UK business.

‘Government has fought hard to obtain worthwhile benefits for UK business within the European Community, G7 and World Customs Organisation, because many worthwhile changes can only be brought about through international agreement,’ she added.

Simplified procedures for importers of goods from outside the EU were introduced in 1997.

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