Kingston Smith battles on for girl power

Emile Woolf, the firm’s head of litigation support who acted as an expert witness in the case on behalf of the band, said both the Spice Girls and Aprilia will be required to attend a further hearing to establish the exact level of damages.

Despite widespread reports claiming the Spice Girls will have to pay a £1m legal and damages bill, Woolf said the real sum has yet to be decided. He will now be working on the measurement of damages the band will have to pay.

He also pointed out that the band had yet to decide whether or not to lodge an appeal against the decision.

Woolf contended that the Spice Sonic scooter endorsement was not the central part of the deal between Aprilia and the Spice Girls, but only a by-product. He also believed there was no evidence the company would ever have sold as many bikes as it claimed.

He told that he had enjoyed working with the Spice Girls enormously, but that he did not have any particular favourite.

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