PwC crowns sustainable reporters in FTSE

PricewaterhouseCoopers has announced the best sustainability reporters in the
FTSE 100 & FTSE 250.

The building public trust awards acknowledged reports that not only set out
sustainability guidelines, but how they linked to the strategy of the company.

Kevin Ellis, head of advisory services at PwC said that although
sustainability has taken a back seat since the recession it will be “centre
stage for everyone in the future and reporting is the key starting point.”

“Every business decision in the coming years will have a sustainability
element to it” said Ian Powell, chairman of PwC.

“It will be at the heart of all business decisions” he added.

The winner for a FTSE 100 company was Lonmin which was shortlisted against
Hammerson and Xtrata.

The FTSE 250 winner was Ladbrokes shortlisted against Segro and Berkeley.

Just 139 companies were looked at. The company reports needed to show how
corporate strategy targets linked to sustainability objectives and how the
company would achieve them.

Other elements for the criteria included outlining key performance
indicators; setting sustainable targets; the risks involved; business
opportunities from climate change.

Since the Lehmans and the credit crunch, sustainability has taken a back seat
but PwC believes over the next 20 years it will become a key business issue as
it is now a strategic issue.

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