Tesco mulls The Guardian’s libel offer

Tesco is ‘considering’ an offer of amends from The Guardian
following the paper’s admission of libel over coverage of the supermarket’s tax

The newspaper denies malicious falsehood, a separate claim, saying its
criticisms were not, as Tesco claims, a ‘devastating attack on its integrity and

Tesco spokesman Jonathan Church said: ‘We have received the
Guardian Media Group’s
defence. This is a serious matter and we are considering our response.’

The newspaper said that Tesco’s ‘ethical stance’ in terms of avoidance ‘is in
fact …a sham’.

But it has admitted that its claim that Tesco’s Cayman Island deals were
about avoiding corporation tax was incorrect, when in fact the deals were about
stamp duty land tax savings.

The Guardian said it was prepared to apologise, issue a
correction and pay compensation and costs for the libel action ­ but not for the
action in malicious falsehood.

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