Taking Stock – Too much liquidation leaves R3 delegates with a till

And so, when relaxing near balmy Barcelona late into the night, one group of delegates chose to celebrate in the old-fashioned way.

After a hard day’s work in the lecture halls and on the loungers, this rump of hardcore party animals retired to the hotel bar to continue the day’s agenda.

They steadfastly continued their celebrations into the small hours, when, rather unfortunately, liquid ended up all over the bar’s chief asset – its cash register. Some say it was drenched with water, others with vodka.

Alert hotel managers had to call in a dozen Catalan electricians to work through the night in order to get the till in working order for business the next day.

It’s unsurprising then, that activities of a tired and emotional nature have left R3 with a bill for damages of #407. Nevertheless, the trip has given delegates plenty of practice in turnaround and recovery, which is, after all, what they claim to specialise in these days.

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