US accountants second ‘dirtiest’

Accountants’ offices in the US have the second most germs out of nine major
professions examined by researchers from the University of Arizona, with only
teachers having higher levels of bacteria in their work spaces.

More than 600 cubicles were examined by researchers.

Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, said the
phones, desks and keyboards regularly used by teachers, accountants and bankers
harbored nearly two to 20 times more bacteria per square inch than other

The ‘germiest’ jobs rankings were teachers (17,900 bacteria per square inch),
followed by accountants (6,030 bacteria per square inch), bankers (5,400
bacteria per square inch) , radio DJs (3,233 bacteria per square inch) and
doctors (2,620 bacteria per square inch).

Lawyers are relatively germ-free with just 900 bacteria per square inch.

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