Taking Stock – Can weathermen forecast future of English ICA?

Following the severe storm the English ICA has had to weather over the last few weeks, the institution may be interested to know TS has found one accountant who has come up with a way of predicting our climes. With the defection of trainees to the Scottish Institute, following announcements from E&Y and PwC, you could be forgiven for thinking the institute is sitting under a rather dark cloud. But last week it came to our attention that former accountant Simon Strong has devised an index with BBC weatherman Bill Giles that predicts the weather using mathematical data. Strong revealed that he thought the effect of weather on revenue is increasingly considered to be a risk by finance directors. As a result the wpindex company will be able to tell you if you are to have good weather before planning an outdoor event to the month, week or even day by contacting TS wonders if Mr Giles et al would be able to come up with a spin-off device that can tell the English institutes how long they will be able to hang on to their graduates to the nearest month, week or day before they venture north of the border.

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